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Thursday, April 14, 2011

wholeness vs. "rightness" quote:

"I'd rather be whole than good"--Carl Jung.
I find this quote helpful, often what others and society percieve as right and good, are truly wrong and harmful for us as individuals. We often find ourselves selling ourselves out, meaning we abandon ourselves to avoid being abandoned by others and society. But this is a worse option, trusting yourself and your inherent goodness is important, don't abandon yourself. You are stronger than you realize. And the outer world has much, much less power in "reality" than we give it in our minds. The power resides within, within each one of us, we are the deciders. If we always feel like we have to rigidly follow the rules of "right" and "wrong" without concern for ourselves, we injure ourselves. "Right" and "wrong" are rarely ever so cut and dry, or one size fits all. This is not to say goodness is not important, but know your own sense of goodness, and furthermore I truly believe that we are naturally programed for goodness and to head towards goodness.... so there is no real contradiction here. We only need realize this, allow this to unfold, and to relax into and trust our own natural expression of goodness. Self-compassion, being kind to ourselves when we fail, and motivating thru self kindness and understanding is much more effective and healthy than motivating thru judgement, harshness, and fear. What difference does judgement, and the rest make anyway? We either do one thing or another, but harsh judgement only casts a very negative light on it. Now, again we can be honest with ourselves and trust that if we make a mistake we can work our way thru it, to the other side, where we've incorporated it wholly, and find no need to repeat it. But understanding and kindness thru this process do not impede it in any way. And in fact harsh self judgement lowers us into a level of self-abuse and a cycle of negativity that can be hard to shift. It is unecessary, and unhelpful, and unhealthy. These are some of the things that have been on my mind lately, and I thought others might be interested in them as well. So, my wish for you today,  is that you may begin to practice being kind to yourself, and understanding that we are all doing the best we can in the circumstances we are in, and trust that we will find our way. I am trying to more fully embrace these ideas myself, won't you join me in this uncommon thought of loving ourselves thru it? Blessings, Therese.