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Hi there. Welcome to Intuitive Healing Arts. You will find information here about myself, my services, what I find of interest and importance, and lots of informative and thought provoking material.

To get you started in the general sense, I work with natural health and healing modalities, and do freelance writing.

To be more specific, I am a certified reiki practitioner, ordained interfaith minister, and do angel work.

To be even more precise :) I offer reiki sessions, spiritual counseling sessions, and intuitive angel guided readings. I also do freelance writing work usually centered on topics in my areas of expertise. Especially: spirituality, natural healing, wellness, holistic health, and psych-spiritual connections.

I mostly intend to use this blog/website to discuss ideas, offer lots of helpful information to my readers, and bring light and inspiration forth on the pages here every day. Or every post! :)

I appreciate your comments, feedback, sharing, etc. Keeping in mind this is a positive place of respect.

I may also from time to time remind of my services, that you are always welcome to seek out at anytime whether or not I focus on them much, they are always offered. I have a list below of what I currently offer (services, prices, and locations are listed at the bottom of the webpage). If you would like more specific information on what I offer, I am happy to provide that. Please contact me at anytime with any questions.

Also, feel free to contact me with questions/thoughts in general, not concerning services, but just so we can share ideas and inspiration.

Once again, thanks for stopping in . . .

Yours in light and service, Therese.

Friday, February 18, 2011

More favorite links

My reiki teacher's website:
She is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She is a truly gifted and caring professional offering many helpful services. Her website alone is very interesting, uplifting, and informative. The Ohio Institute of Allied Health's website, this school offers an array of quality integrative medicine courses, and certifications. They are located in the Dayton, Ohio (Xenia, specifically) area. Their programs include high caliber hands on clinical experience, personal attention for the student, and a knowledgeable faculty/ staff. The school is also recognized by the US Department of Education.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I've Moved! :)

Hello all, I moved recently. Over the holidays, I moved down to the greater Dayton, Ohio area. I am more specifically located in the pretty, historic, small town of Tipp City, Ohio. If you live near the Dayton area and are looking for affordable, caring, offerings of holistic healing modalities, feel free to email or call me! Have a great day everyone! Best, Therese.